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Twenty-five percent of iPhone users have cracked screens.


Does this sound familiar?

  • It slid off the bathroom sink when I was washing my hands

  • I forgot it was on my lap when I stood up

  • I was trying to keep my cat from drinking my milk

  • It was in my back pocket when I sat down

  • I was trying to text with one hand.

SquareTrade estimates that a quarter of iPhone users have cracked their screen, with 15 percent still using their phones. Ouch!
They also estimate that 5,671 phone screens break every hour. That's nearly two phones per second!
A survey by Match.com reports that women are 86 percent more likely to cast a skeptical eye on their date if they have a broken screen. 

If your one of the 25 percent of iPhone users walking around with a cracked screen or a dead battery or your phone won't hold a charge, we can help. We repair cracked screens, display issues, software issues, audio issues, power/charging/battery issues, Wi-Fi troubleshooting, and more. Get your phone repaired by one of our certified repair technicians at Rescue My Device in downtown Williston, Plentywood, or Glasgow.

Start a repair ticket by visiting us at rescuemydevice.com or give us a call at (406) 228-6000 for our Montana phone repair shop or at (701) 774-6000 for our North Dakota repair shop.

Happy Holidays!